I cannot say enough about Sean and Anne Cusick, but I'm going to try!


When we booked them they were awesome to talk to, realistic but professional, but what really got me were the samplesl on their website. We ended up going with the most expensive package and I think it was worth every penny!!! With it we got a next day highlight reel, flip cameras for the bridal party, and a ton of awesome stuff! There are no hidden costs and it has everything you could ever ask for.


On the day of our wedding they caught every moment during the preparations, ceremony and reception while managing to be social and making everyone laugh. When the next day highlight was put on Facebook, every single person who saw it told me they cried because it was so beautiful, even my mom who didn't even cry on the day of the wedding! I was in awe at teh amazing shots they got of things  that I didn't even know could look so good! And honestly, they caught a bunch of stuff that I didn't even notice the day of. They even had my dress outside with a tree as a backdrop that looked so surreal people thought it was edited in! Honestly, I think the wedding may be more beautiful in the video than it actually was, which is nice because the wedding only lasts one night but the DVD will be around forever haha!


They really made an impact on me and my family, people cannot stop talking about them! After seeing the highlights everyone has already agreed to having a viewing party to watch the DVD's when we get them.


We cannot thank Sean and Anne enough. Their work was breathtaking and we could not have asked for a better pair! Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!!!!



I found Memories in High Def on The Knot. I initially noticed all of the awards Sean Cusick recived from various bridal sites and blogs, so that sparked me to check out his website. 


If you're not touched and/or inspired by the samples on Sean's site, then you just don't have a heart. 

I was looking for the least cheesy videographer I could find. Many thought that was impossible but I just knew someone had to know how to capture the special moments of a wedding without making it look like bad 1980s music videos. I hit the jackpot with Memories in High Def. 

Anne, Sean's wife, runs the business side of this operation. Both have full time jobs aside from Memories, but you'd never know it. Anne was responsible immediately to all of my questions. As the time got closer, we had a great call to finalize details. She never rushed me off the phone.

The day of the wedding, Sean was just perfect. Some of my guests didn't even know I had a videogrpaher! He really just blended into the crowd, which allowed him to get some amazing candid videos. This also really helps the cheese factor. No one was smiling into the camera or putting on an act. He really just captured the tender moments as well as the hilarious ones.

My wedding happened only a month ago and I've already gotten a finalized DVD to screen. Sean was also great about quickly getting me links to the montage segments he created of our First Look, a Dance sequence and others. I've loved being able to share that easily on Facebook with family and friends. 

People say you'll only watch your wedding video once and you'll never see it again. If you book Memories in High Def, you'll be watching it daily, as I have!



Positive feedback from our clients is our best reward!



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